Secrets of online casino slot machines

At Pin Up online casino, it is recommended to start with a free demo version before moving on to the full version, as this will help you navigate the game system and slot mechanics. Even professionals knock out the demo version first and then switch to real bets.

Briefly about the “risk game” and how dangerous it is

The risk game is a game that can be found in all classic slots, every second emulator is ready to provide this bonus option. The bonus round becomes active when the gambler completes the winning spin.

The round most often takes place in two simple phases:

  1. On the screen, the gambler notices five cards face down, his task is to guess the color of the card before clicking on it.
  2. The virtual dealer takes out a card and the gambler needs to accidentally get the one with the larger denomination.

Despite the simplicity of the games, there is a catch. During the game, there is a high probability of losing everything. And it’s not only about the loss of prize coins, but also about the winnings received from the bonus round. The fact is that each win adds a bet to the account, and as a result, the winnings can be ten times more.

All about the progressive jackpot progress

Progressive emulators are those emulators that can provide the gambler with winnings of up to millions of euros. Why is an amount so big, how is it possible? Everything is quite simple: the amount is made up of the percentage deductions from all the rates of users all over the world, so anyone lucky can become the owner of a large amount. The maximum denomination is possible, but for this, you need to complete a combination that leads to a win.

While the gambler is online, he may notice machines that accumulate prizes. Basically, they are not adapted for winning, but for promoting the casino. The audience of beginners, who have little or no experience at all, loses a lot of money. The minimal amount is 1000 dollars. To win or increase the chance of winning on such a machine, you need to choose a machine that has accumulated newbie’s money for more than six months. High rollers are involved in the professional surveillance of slot machines.

Bid settings: briefly about the main thing

All machines can be divided according to the parameters of the rates, but there are those that belong to a different type. Automatic machines with fixed lines. A gambler, that is a player or person who is interested in gambling, cannot select or change machines with fixed lines. The drawing in this case is conducted in several directions at once. The most popular games for professionals are games where a gambler can create his own strategy based on the settings. How is this possible? We are talking about machines that are accompanied by few things:

  1. Select the number of active positions. The gambler can adjust the chance of winning by choosing one or several lines. The settings are changed each spin at the choice of the gambler.
  2. The settings allow you to choose the size of the bet, as well as the player can choose the number of coins per line. This provides for maneuver or experimentation that the player can draw on. In particular, professional gamblers love such machines. They adjust the rate based on the deposit balances.
  3. It is possible to start the game with small bets, due to the setting of credit denominations.

So, the number of options affects the game and hinders newbies, but if you get experience in all similar machines, you can increase the chance of winning many times over.

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